Male lawmakers critical of imposition of tax on makeup

Dunya News

Female lawmakers were of the view that an increase in the prices of makeup is the headache of men.

LAHORE (Dunya News) - Panamagate, JIT formation, cyber crime laws, dawn leaks, these are the things that are generally in discussion among those interested in the politics of the country. But a topic that would not be generally discussed in political circles, has gained traction in the country, and even has lawmakers voicing their strong opinions about it; makeup.

The federal government recently decided to impose five percent import duty on cosmetics in the upcoming budget for fiscal year 2017 to 2018. The decision reportedly received criticism in the Punjab Assembly, especially among the male members.

Male lawmakers were generally of the view that the burden of the tax will affect them the most as they are the ones who have to buy makeup. One lawmaker said that the imposition of this tax will be detrimental to his pockets, adding that the federal government is requested to not increase the price of makeup. He said, “They can increase the price of anything they want but not makeup.”

Another member of the provincial assembly was of the view that whether it is a wife of a poor person or rich, the impact of this tax will be on the man. On a lighter note, an MPA said, “We can tolerate all kinds of suffering but this tax will bring a suffering that we will have to tolerate 24 hours.”

On the other hand, female lawmakers were of the view that an increase in the prices of makeup is the headache of men, and they would keep on using makeup in any case. One female MPA said, “This isn’t our problem but is a problem to those for whom we have to dress up and apply makeup.”

Another female lawmaker joked, “This is an indirect tax on men. But the government should not make women suffer by having them show their real faces to the world.”

It seems that the imposition of tax on makeup is one thing that is going to affect people across the board.