Screening test of 451,138 children was done.

KARACHI (Daily Dunya) - Sindh Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey revealed that 42pc children of age under five are subjected to stunted growth, meaning they weigh less than standard 42 kilogram.

The survey was carried out jontly by UNICEF and Bureau of Statistics Planning & Development Department Sindh.

The survey further disclosed that weight of 30pc infants is also below standard limit. Similarly, it has been observed that 29pc mothers do not breastfed their children immediately till six month after birth.

Sindh Nutrition Sport Program Manager Dr. Mazhar said there are multiple reasons behind stunted growth like premature birth, early age marriages, absence of clean drinking water and bathroom among many others. Mazhar stated that nutrition program is being run in nine districts of Sindh under which 270 lady workers have been appointed.

Screening test of 451,138 children has been done which disclosed 19, 132 children have been subjected to malnutrition whereas 18, 905 are suffering from diarrhea.