Preps for Islamabad sit-in: PTI Nazims get a trip to Nathia Gali

Dunya News

PTI Nazims were taken to Nathia Gali on a trip, had mutton and lambs in the hilly city of KP

NATHIA GALI: (Dunya News) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Nazims had a trip to Nathia Gali on Sunday in the leadership of Peshawar District Nazim Muhammad Asim Khan. The visitors also had mutton and lambs there as they have to prepare for Islamabad sit-in upon their return, reported Dunya News.

In order to ensure heave presence at Islamabad sit-in, Peshawar Nazim took all the Nazims to Nathia Gali. Over fifty Nazims and the officers of the local bodies department visited Nathia Gali on a two-day visit. The Nazims were also served with mutton and lambs so that the PTI ‘tigers’ could get refresh to attend Islamabad sit-in.

The issue of distributing funds among the Nazims was also settled in Nathia Gali. They were also taken out for shopping as the Nazims would only bring the workers from their union councils if they felt happy with the government. Subsequently, they’ll also please PTI Chairman Imran Khan by attending Islamabad sit-in in large numbers.

District Nazim and Deputy Nazim of Peshawar took the Nazims to Nathia Gali, and that too on government expenses. But the expenses have not been calculated as yet. Not only did the Nazims enjoy the trip but the officers also had fun along with them. But is there anyone to ask questions? Who’s there to fear from as the province and the city are both ruled by the party of these Nazims?