Punjab Assembly approves Women Protection Bill

Dunya News

Those convicted of serious crimes against women will have to wear a GPS tracker.

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab Assembly on Wednesday has approved Women Protection Bill calling for end to violence against the female gender. Those convicted of serious crimes such as throwing acid on women will now have to wear a GPS tracker and face various other consequences.

According the bill passed in the Assembly, those accused of throwing acid on women, rape and other grave offences will be restrained from visiting the concerned female’s work place or areas frequented by her. The offender may also be restrained by the court from contacting the woman based on the evidence submitted by her. The accused person will have to maintain the stated distance from the concerned female as ordered by the court in view of the events.

The Bill also states that female victims of domestic violence cannot be evicted from homes without their consent and in case of such an event; the court will reinstate the concerned female’s position.

The Bill further highlights that firearms or ammunition found in possession of those convicted of violence against women will also be confiscated.

The court may also order relief for the concerned female as compensation for the damage suffered by her.

A wrist bracelet GPS tracker will not have to be worn by the accused just on the basis of domestic violence.

In case of wrongful accusation, a 3 month jail sentence or a fine of Rupees fifty thousand to 1 lakh or both may be ordered.

Disobedience of any transitional, protection, residence or monetary order more than once will be penalized by a 2 year jail sentence or a fine of Rs. 5 lakh.

The District Protection Officer, on complaint of the concerned woman, will be allowed to enter the house.

According to the Women Protection Bill, Punjab government will also issue a toll free number.