India always blames Pakistan for its flaws: Rana Tanveer slams #BlameGameIndia

Dunya News

It is India's habit to blame Pakistan for all its ills, says Minister for Defense Production

ISLAMABAD: (Dunya News) – Federal Minister for Defense Production Rana Tanveer has on Tuesday said that India always blames Pakistan for its flaws. He said that it has been India’s habit for many years. “Don’t take our desire for relations with neighbors based on equality as a weakness. Pakistan knows how to defend itself”, Rana Tanveer tells India, reported Dunya News.

Talking to Dunya News, Rana Tanveer said that India blamed Pakistan for Samjhauta Express tragedy, attacks on Indian parliament and the Mumbai Attacks but was never able to prove anything. He said that India sent a spy drone to Pakistan to take images from Pakistan’s side of the border.

“India should know that Pakistan has much better and modern drones compared to those of India”, said the minister. He said that India’s anti-Pakistan policy cannot change as long as Narendra Modi is Indian prime minister.

Rana Tanveer said that Pakistan wants relations with neighbors based on equality but this wish should not be taken as a weakness. “We know how to defend our borders”, he warned.