Government’s aid is restricted to only a few selected ones in the cities.

THARPARKAR (Dunya News) – Famine continues to demonize Tharparkar as the death toll touches 33 whereas government’s aid is restricted to only a few selected ones in the cities.

Humanity hangs in dilemma as scarcity of food and diseases gulp human life whereas hundreds of animals die every day due to lack of fodder.

Wells have dried up and lack of tools has rendered them dysfunctional.

In Chachru, on the other hand, dearth of water has worsened whereas Sindh government and administration stays numb.

Famine continues to diminish life chances for children in Tharparkar as the hospitals get flooded with malnourished children and government’s relief operations remain restricted to the cities.

There is no proper arrangement to provide fodder and treatment for the animals.
On the other hand in Chachro, scarcity of water has worsened in more than 30 villages whereas the wells have completely dried up.

Small girls have to travel miles in scorching heat to access water whereas the local administration of Chachro is completely numb to the dearth.

Earlier, in the month of October 31 innocent lives have been lost at the hands of drought whereas water shortage has worsened as 114 tube wells in Chachhro and Dhali have become dysfunctional.

Dispensaries in the far flung areas of Tharparkar have also been closed in the suburbs. People therefore have to travel miles to reach cities for treatment.

The ones alive, on the other hand, are suffering through scarcity of water. 114 tube wells in Chachhro and Dhali have become dysfunctional whereas tools of more than 75 tube wells are missing.
Rs 20 million grant by the Mithi administration appears to be insufficient to solve water availability issue for the past 7 years. Locals are forced to buy water whereas water is not being provided to the caravans of migrants.

Sindh government doesn’t bat an eye over the situation while people a suffering and dying of scarcity of food and water.

Pakistan army however continues to be of service to the famine struck lives.