Pakistani mountaineers conquer K2 for the first time as a team

Dunya News

The team comprised 8 mountaineers, 6 of them succeeded

GILGIT (Dunya News) – As many as six Pakistani mountaineers belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan on Saturday conquered 8611 meter high, the world’s second highest mountain, Karakorum 2 (K2), Dunya News reported.
It is the first time that any Pakistanis in form of a team have been able to successfully climb up the mountain to set the record. The team of mountaineers also hoisted Pakistan flag on top of the mountain.
On the occasion of 60th anniversary of adventure on the world’s second largest mountain, six members of the 8-member team of mountaineers successfully conquered K2 with the support from Italian organization EV-K2-CNR.
According to sources, the team of mountaineers reached the Camp 3 on Wednesday. This is the point from where the mountaineers started climbing today at 4 am early morning.
The team comprises mountaineers belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan including Muhammad Sadiq Sadpara, Hasan Jan, Ali Rozi, Rehmatullah Baig, Ali Durrani and Ghulam Mehdi.
Team’s member Muhammad Sadiq became the fourth Pakistani mountaineer to conquer four mountains in Pakistan of over eight thousand feet height.
Sadiq Sadpara is the younger brother of internationally acclaimed Pakistani mountaineer Hassan Sadpara. The technical assistance to the team was provided by two Italian mountaineers Michael Kochi and Simon Argastino.
Although, K2 and a few other mountains have already been conquered by many mountaineers of Gilgit Baltistan as Guides and High Altitude Porter with foreign teams before, this is the first formal expedition in the form of a Pakistani team for adventure on K2.