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Airstrikes kill key Taliban commander Adnan Rasheed, 5 family members

Dunya News

Taliban sources have denied the killing of Adnan Rasheed.

North Waziristan (Dunya News) – Airstrikes by Pakistan security forces have killed key Taliban commander Adnan Rasheed along with 5 family members and 25 other militants here on Tuesday. Official sources have confirmed the news whereas the Taliban sources have denied it.
According to official sources, airstrikes through gunship helicopters are being carried out on the militant hideouts at Mir Ali adjacent areas. Bombing and shelling have resulted in destruction of several hideout compounds of militants.
Sources say that the militant hideouts were also targeted overnight through fighter jets. During this time, on intelligence about whereabouts of key Taliban commander Adnan Rasheed, a house war targeted which resulted in killing of Adnan Rasheed, his wife and four other members of the family.
Adnan Rasheed was a key militant commander who was involved in a number of high profile terrorist incidents including Kamra airbase, D.I Khan Jail break and attack on former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf. He had escaped Bannu jail in 2012.
Official sources have confirmed the killing of Adnan Rasheed but Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson has denied it.
Official sources also said that most of those who are killed belonged to Punjabi Taliban. This is the first strike of its kind in the North Waziristan area and has inflicted a sense of fear on the tribal locals.
Reportedly, the targeted operation was a result of a strategy as finalized from the national security policy. The reports also say that the officials are carrying out the ‘third option’ which is to negotiate with those who are willing and target the others.