How we chose the best sleep masks

How we chose the best sleep masks

How we chose the best sleep masks

ISLAMABAD,(Online) - Not all sleep masks are created with style, comfort, and luxury in mind. In production, brands prioritize and pair different elements in an effort to redefine your best night’s sleep.

Here are the criteria we found most important when choosing a sleep mask:

Design and comfort

Some brands experiment with three-dimensional, molded cups to avoid putting pressure on your eyes. Others are inspired by deep pressure stimulation and add beads like the ones found in weighted blankets. Some masks are made with material that you can pop in the fridge or freezer to get the benefits of a cold compress while dozing off.

There are also lighter, less bulky masks available. These can soothe sensitive skin and be just as effective at blocking out light.

Whether you choose a flat, cupped, or weighted mask is ultimately up to personal preference, so we included a variety of options to help you find what works best for you.


You shouldn’t have to wake up because your mask is sliding around while you sleep. While not all of the products selected come with adjustable straps, all prioritize fit in their design.

Durability and quality

We chose products high quality, durable masks for this list, so they should have a long life.

These masks are made from cooling materials and made to protect both your skin and hair.
Customer reviews

We cross-referenced websites, articles, and review videos to ensure we selected products that reflect the best of what the sleep mask market has to offer.

Healthline’s picks for the best sleep masks

Silk Eyemask is a Healthline favorite. The mask is made from a charmeuse weave, which is a shiny, lightweight silk fabric. The strap is also made of silk, which helps protect your hair from getting snagged, but it still stays on all night long.

While the mask is really pretty, we also like that it’s successful at blocking out light — even in the lighter shades, like Blush.
The combination of stylish, soft, luxurious fabric and effective light blocking makes this a winner in our book.

Best sleep mask for a total blackout

Like the brand’s famous mattresses, the mask is filled with TEMPUR material. This foam is known for how it contours to the body.
The mask is made to gently contour to your face for a more comfortable — and completely dark — slumber.

The TEMPUR-Sleep Mask is highly reviewed online, with many people saying the product eliminates headaches almost instantly.
The mask, however, is heavier than typical layered silk masks. So some customers say it feels hot and bulky, especially in the summer.