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Khushhal Khan unveils details of his new movie 'Crossroads'

Khushhal Khan unveils details of his new movie 'Crossroads'


He has released the first poster for the film

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(Web Desk) - Esteemed actor Khushhal Khan, renowned for his roles in films like ‘Poppay Di Wedding’ and ‘Midsummer Chaos,’ has recently shared some thrilling updates with his fans on Instagram, with tiding of his new fill.

He released the first poster for ‘Crossroads,’ his next film in which he co-stars with Mamya Shajaffar.

‘Crossroads,’ which was written and directed by Eric Berg and Fahad Noor, is anticipated to offer something new to the Pakistani cinema industry.

In his Instagram caption, Khan teased fans with tidbits of the story, writing, “Love knows no bounds, and neither does our story.”

He posted, “Brace yourself for a groundbreaking cinematic experience as we proudly unveil Pakistan’s first vertically shot film series.

Immerse yourself in the whirlwind of emotions as Burak and Haya navigate the unpredictable twists and turns of love.

With dialogues available in over 20 languages, this is a tale that transcends borders and proves some emotions never die. Stay tuned for a journey like never before.”