What filmmaker Saqib Malik says about Meera as actor

What filmmaker Saqib Malik says about Meera as actor


Calls her incredibly talented

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(Web Desk) – Appearing on a TV show, filmmaker Saqib Malik shared his experience working with actor Meera in film Baaji, calling it a wonderful time with a desire to again work with her.

The filmmaker conveyed that collaborating with Meera was an incredibly enriching experience.

There were numerous tales and speculations around her, but the film reached its completion successfully. It graced the screens and achieved resounding success, he said.

Admiring Meera’s talent, Saqib said, “I would love to work with Meera again because she is incredibly talented. She has a very expressive face that communicates so much.

“You don’t need to do much with her face, as it tells thousands of stories on its own.”

However, Saqib Malik also candidly revealed some of the challenges he faced while working with Meera.

He pointed out: “Meera brings great energy to the set, but her drawback is that she is easily influenced and tends to believe others too readily.

She is also superstitious and gives weight to hearsay.”

Nevertheless, Saqib Malik appreciated Meera’s performance in Baaji.