Saira Peter gets appreciation letter from King Charles

Saira Peter gets appreciation letter from King Charles


British-Pakistani Sufi Opera star records British national anthem ‘God Save the King’

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ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) - British-Pakistani Sufi Opera star, Saira Peter, has received a special letter of appreciation from Buckingham Palace for her recording of British national anthem ‘God Save the King’ following the coronation of King Charles III.

Upon receiving the recording, performed in soprano vocal range, the King sent Saira a letter conveying his good wishes and sincere thanks for her public services, including with it a signed photo card from himself and Queen Camilla.

Created by request of UK government offices at Hastings Town Hall (East Sussex), the recording is used across the region for official government events, including citizenship ceremonies, said a news release.

It follows Saira’s performance of ‘God Save the Queen’ recorded in 2018, also by request of the government, making her the first Asian and the only Pakistani bestowed this honour.

That recording likewise led to a personal letter of thanks from the late Queen.

Saira Peter, a woman of many firsts — Pakistan’s first opera singer, the world’s first Sufi Opera singer and the first Asian to record the British national anthem — keeps making waves as she continues to boost Pakistan’s image ever higher on the global stage.