Sania Mirza shares supportive words for those fighting mental health

Sania Mirza shares supportive words for those fighting mental health


She urges people to shed anxiety and relax

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HYDERABAD (Web Desk) - Celebrities, including actors, often speak out about mental health including anxiety and share awareness posts emphasising the importance of understanding and supporting those dealing with such issues. 

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, who has been facing a challenging phase in her personal life, recently shared a motivating message regarding anxiety on her Instagram stories. 

Taking to Instagram, Sania offered words of encouragement in a post, saying: “And do not carry the Anxiety for the future because it is in the hands of Allah.” 

Sania Mirza continues to inspire and uplift her fans with her strength and words of encouragement during this challenging time. 

Sania Mirza, who won six Grand Slam titles, retired from tennis in February 2023. She recently shed light on the big reason behind her retirement.

In one of her recent interviews, she revealed that one of the main motivations for stepping away from the sport was to spend more time with her son, Izhaan.

She expressed her joy for being able to devote quality time to her son, while also remaining engaged in various other pursuits such as managing tennis academies in India and Dubai, as well as broadcasting and TV appearances.

“Honestly one of the main reasons to retire from tennis was to try to spend more time with my son. Which I am being able to do, which I really like.

"I still work. I have my tennis academy back in India in Hyderabad. I have a few tennis academies in Dubai, I shuttle a lot. I have also been doing a lot of broadcasting and TV.

"That’s how I keep myself busy but I don't keep myself that busy because one of my reasons to retire was to be with my son,” Sania said.