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Sania says drama makers should show stories of all age brackets

Sania says drama makers should show stories of all age brackets


Says they focus on young people

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(Web Desk) – Brilliant television and film actor Sania Saeed has said drama makers should show stories of all age brackets.

Speaking at a TV show, the actor expressed her concerns over current dramas and advised the drama makers to show stories of all age brackets.

Talking about it, she said she is now doing a very selective work. Sania Saeed said, “I am doing less work on television because serials take up a lot of time, maybe, I am reluctant because of the stories.

There are a very few roles for the people of our age bracket. Now, they focus on young people. They say you are no more important, and we think that we have started to understand the work now because we have a big chunk of experience.

Yes, the young characters are important too. I have told the stories of young people my whole life.

They now say that your age bracket isn’t important, and I feel that they are not even worth mentioning in the credits”.

Sania Saeed is a brilliant Pakistani television and film actor who has appeared in numerous hit dramas including Sitara Aur Mehrunissa, Zaib Un Nisa, Sang E Mar Mar, Sang E Mah, Aseer Zadi, Meri Guriya, Churails and others.

She is admired because of her mature acting performances in the challenging roles.

She also appeared in feature film Kamli, which was praised by fans.