Ushna Shah, husband perform Umrah

Ushna Shah, husband perform Umrah


The ‘Balaa’ actress posted her pictures on Instagram

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(Web Desk) - Pakistani actress Ushna Shah and her husband, professional golfer Hamza Amin, performed their first Umrah together over the weekend.

The ‘Balaa’ actress posted her pictures on Instagram, announcing that she and her husband have taken their first Umrah trip as a couple.

Since she is an avid supporter of Palestine, Ushna ensured to include a prayer for them in her caption as well.

“Keeping our Falas3 (Palestine) brothers & sisters in my heart and prayers, always.

After being exiled from their homes and enduring apartheid for over 75 years, going through a brutal genocide that is massacring their ethnicity, may they finally be freed. Ameen.”

The actress also congratulated her husband for his first ever Umrah and also thanked her brother as well as producer Kashif Ansari for facilitating a part of their Umrah trip.

In his Instagram stories, Hamza Amin also posted a photo of Ushna Shah wearing a hijab with the phrase “My forever.” Notably, Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin married in February of this year, with close relatives and friends in attendance.