Why Fahad Mustafa avoids Nida Yasir's morning show?

Why Fahad Mustafa avoids Nida Yasir's morning show?


Fahad Mustafa avoids appearing on Nida’s morning show

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KARACHI (Web Desk) - Pakistani actor Nida Yasir reveals that she has some family issues with Fahad Mustafa and therefore, she doesn’t invite him to her morning show. 

Nida Yasir has a huge social media following and she is doing morning show for more than 14 years. 

Fahad Mustafa also enjoys a huge fan following on social media and he hosts TV shows. 

In her latest interview, Nida was asked why she didn’t invite Fahad Mustafa on her show. 

“I cannot disclose the reason on camera,” said Nida. She added that "we both had some family disputes and therefore, he avoided appearing on my show."

Some social media users said Nida Yasir’s sister-in-law got married to Fahad Mustafa’s brother but the couple separated. Their marriage ended with divorce and Fahad avoids Nida’s show, a social media user said.