Amna Ilyas claims to never decline item song opportunity

Amna Ilyas claims to never decline item song opportunity


She said that she did not reject offer for an item song in film ‘Baaji’

 LAHORE (web Desk) - Model and actress Amna Ilyas has said that she has never rejected an opportunity to perform in item songs.

Amna Ilyas has been an item song sensation and have delighted fans with extra-ordinary dance performances in films. It was reported that she rejected an offer to perform in an item song for the film "Baaji." However, she clarified that she has never rejected such an offer.

She explained that although initially it was planned to cast her only for the item song in "Baaji," she was later included in the main cast of the film. She did not reject the offer to perform in the item song.

She mentioned that education may not be mandatory for a modelling career, however a tall stature and healthy physique are inevitable.

She emphasized that models usually stay serious while walking on the ramp because they are supposed to maintain composure. They are also told that their bodies should not dominate the show and only the attire should be centre of attention.

She revealed that she has fallen multiple times during walking on ramp and once it was a dangerous one that left injury marks on her feet for a year.