Sarmad Khoosat announces three shows on YouTube

Sarmad Khoosat announces three shows on YouTube


Sarmad Khoosat announces three shows on YouTube

LAHORE (Web Desk) – Actor and director Sarmad Khoosat has announced he is turning into a YouTuber.

Taking to Instagram, Sarmad shared the news of launching his YouTube shows and also unveiled a few details about them.

He added, “It takes a lot of time to pull out a film and the films I make; they usually don’t get premiered at cinemas. Plus, I don’t have the capacity to make dramas that are 26-36 episodes long. Therefore, I have decided to make some original shows for YouTube.”


He announced that he has made three shows for his YouTube channel i.e. Khoosat films that will be launching on the platform this week.

The three shows he is coming up with are namely; Khoosat in the Kitchen, Khoosat Di Translation and Ba-Adab Khoosat.

While talking about the idea behind these shows he revealed that he really enjoys cooking therefore he is coming up with a show called Khoosat in the Kitchen.

Khoosat Di Translation will have a random discussion over films especially the ones Sarmad likes. On the other hand, In Ba-Adab Khoosat Sarmad will be narrating stories and poetry belonging to Adab for his fans in his voice.

Sarmad Khoosat has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry, beginning with his drama "Shashlik" and continuing through "Teri Raza." He has also directed notable films such as "Joyland," "Zindagi Tamasha," and "Manto."