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Feroze in the dock for leaking personal details of celebrities

Feroze in the dock for leaking personal details of celebrities


Feroze in the dock after leaking personal details of celebrities

LAHORE (Web Desk) – Pakistani actor Sarwat Gilani says lawyers of 10 celebrities will be after Feroze Khan as he leaked their personal details on social media. 

Taking to Instagram, she shared a screenshot of her phone calls list in which she received countless calls from unknown numbers and said, “It is bizarre and despicable that private information, including phone numbers, of various famous individuals has been publicly shared on the absurd pretext of issuing legal notice to them by @ferozekhan. Not only are such actions clearly illegal but also demonstrates the total lack of maturity to handle matters in a civilized way.”

She further said, “Two days ago @ferozekhan had one ex-wife and her lawyer now he will have to face 10 celebrities and their lawyers after him. Good luck!”

While commenting in her comment section, Oscar winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy also wrote, “Wait till you see mine.”

Earlier, her husband, Fahad Mirza, criticised Feroze on social media by calling him a "moron of the highest order".

Mirza, while adding that he doesn’t like to comment on "nonsense", shared, "Feroze Khan is very vengeful and stupid for adding the personal numbers of all those actors and then making it public." He went on to add, "After this knee-jerk response, he really has proven that he is a moron of the highest order and I am sure whatever his wife says about him must be true."

Feroze had initially shared the legal document on social media but later deleted it, and instead wrote a tweet about his legal team serving defamation notices to those who made false and baseless allegations. Unfortunately, by the time he removed the notice from his official Twitter account, it had already been shared widely and viewed by many of his followers.