Pakistani actress is currently living in isolation on doctor's prescription

LAHORE (Web Desk) – Pakistani actress Veena Malik has tested positive for Covid-19. She is currently living in isolation.

The actress took to her verified Instagram account to share the news with her fans and followers. Veena Malik also told that she is livening in isolation on the prescription of doctor.

In her post, the Pakistani actress said that as soon as COVID-19 cut us off from the world, these tiny nuances became ever so important. “Suddenly, I found myself craving a Frappuccino from Starbucks or yearning for a trip to MacDonalds. Suddenly, amidst the isolation, I cherished the “hello” and “have a good day” exchanged between my neighbor and I on our daily walks.”

“In our hyperactive world, it’s easy to take things and moments for granted. Hanging out with friends, spending time with family, going out to a restaurant interacting with friends and family,” she added.

Earlier, Veena Malik appears to be suffering from a medical condition as she had requested prayers for her speedy recovery.

Taking to her Twitter handle, the 37-year-old shared the news of her sickness with her followers. She asked the fans to pray for her and shared pictures of herself while giving blood samples.

However, Veena did not specify the nature of her illness from but her fan are worried for her. Comments of best wishes and prayers for recovery have been directed towards her.