Ayesha Omar urges fans to help Palestinians following Israel ceasefire

Islamabad (Online): Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar penned a heartfelt note for the people of Palestine.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared a snap of herself attending Wednesday’s protest at Karachi’s Press Club and with it shared a lengthy caption to urge her follows to continue to help Palestinians even after a ceasefire with Israel was agreed upon.

She added that the displaced Palestinians need to be given homes as well as giving physiological help to children.

“Jumma Mubarak my beautiful Fam. Found this photo online, from Wednesday’s protest. I spoke, marched and protested my heart out. Was all set to be a part of the nationwide protest today as well, but Alhamdolillah ceasefire was declared last night," she began.

"Now it’s time to help the displaced Palestinians. The ones who have lost their families, homes and loved ones. It’s time to figure out how the children of Palestine can be given therapy or psychological/psychiatric treatment for all the trauma and violence they have faced and witnessed over the years.

"Just like the children of any war-torn region. Hoping for a peaceful solution/conclusion to this nightmare, one day, as every single human on this planet has the right and deserves to feel secure and live without fear. We are all here to share the planet, to coexist, to share the human experience, together.

"I want to believe that every single voice raised, mattered. And will always matter. Never let anyone tell you that your voice doesn’t matter. That your words don’t matter. Never stop raising your voice or speaking up against what you find unjust or wrong.

"Never stop taking a stand for what you believe in. I raise my voice following my assessment and perspective of a situation or circumstances. I do it with pure intentions for peace everywhere and the freedom to live and coexist, for everyone.
“BOL ke lab azaad hain teray. So happy to see Gaza celebrating. What comes next is very important now," she wrote.