Woman, who trapped girls for nikah but later sold them abroad, is arrested

Woman, who trapped girls for nikah but later sold them abroad, is arrested


Nargis targeted the victims in Kashmir; Police came into action after being identified by a family

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MIRPUR, Azad Kashmir (Dunya News/Web Desk) – Police in Mirpur arrested a woman who was involved human trafficking, as she lured young girls and their families into marriage trap, but later sold the victims abroad.

The latest revelations came as one of the affected family recognised Nargis – the accused – who had again reached Kashmir to identify and deceive the possible targets.

According to the police, Nargis had been using Shahban to identify and market herself. Her modus operandi involved changing getup and work on trapping the girls and families, offering fake incentives revolving around foreign nationality – a lucrative incentive given for the people in Pakistan because of the economic conditions.

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On the other hand, a large number of people from the region as well as the adjoining parts of Punjab are settled in the United Kingdom and other European countries, resulting in remittances inflow and affluent status of their relatives back home – a trend that further incentivizes shifting to foreign countries which make the job easier for Nargis-like human traffickers.

It is said that the accused human trafficker ensured conducting nikah in Pakistan and later transported the innocent girls after preparing and providing the necessary documents.

The police have also shared a horrific detail of this human trafficking saga, as they say the persons who entered into nikah with the victims were foreigner heterogender or heterosexual – also called shemale.

Meanwhile, the person who initially helped the police arrested Nargis is a father whose daughter had been transported to France. He says they have managed to rescue and shift the girl to a safer place in France.

“My daughter should immediately be returned to Pakistan,” he appealed to the government authorities.