21 abductees rescued, three kidnappers arrested

21 abductees rescued, three kidnappers arrested


They were being taken to Katcha area of Shikarpur for ransom

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SHIKARPUR (Dunya News) - Police intercepted a van carrying 21 people to Katcha area of Shikarpur by the kidnappers on the pretext that the occupants were being taken to Saudi Arabia for employments, Dunya News reported.

The timely and successful action of the Shikarpur police rescued the people who were being taken to Katcha area with the intention of collecting ransom from them after being kidnapped by the outlaws.

Shikarpur police on a tip-off intercepted the van and interrogated the driver and the passengers.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that 21 people were kidnapped and being taken to Katcha area by the kidnappers to collect ransom from them.

But police foiled their attempt and recovered the abductees, who told the police that the kidnappers posing them as agents took money from them on the pretext of taking them to Saudi Arabia for work.

With the help of the local residents, police managed to rescue the abductees and arrest the three kidnappers.

The van was taken into custody and all the people were sent off to their families.

Shikarpur SSP Dr Muhammad Imran Khan announced cash reward and appreciation certificates for the police party who rescued the people and arrest the outlaws.

The relatives of the abductees who survived the abduction thanked the Shikarpur police for the timely action.

All citizens should be careful and beware of activities of kidnappers, police warned the citizens.