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Nurse confesses to killing 19 patients with insulin

Nurse confesses to killing 19 patients with insulin


She injected patients with insulin that they didn’t need

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(Web Desk) - Confessed killer nurse Heather Pressdee likely "practiced" her methods for years in her previous jobs before she became a nurse and killed over a dozen patients, according to a former detective.

Retired detective Tim Braun, who followed Presbee’s case, said that the former nurse, who used to work as a veterinary technician, likely had a “murderous rage” and she could have been a “budding serial killer,” Fox News reported.

"She’s only been a nurse for five years. Before that, she was a vet tech, and one of her primary responsibilities was administering anesthesia to animals and also euthanizing animals," he told Fox News Digital.

"She experimented basically for years before she moved on to humans."

Pressdee, 41, was charged for her involvement in 17 patient deaths.

She initially confessed to murdering two patients in May and attempting to murder another person.

However, the Pennsylvania attorney general charged her with trying to kill 19 other patients across five facilities where she worked between 2020 and 2023.

She confessed to those killings on Thursday.

The state attorney general's office said that Pressdee administered "excessive amounts" of insulin to these patients, some of whom weren't diabetic.

"Pressdee typically administered the insulin during overnight shifts when staffing was low and the emergencies would not prompt immediate hospitalization," said the attorney general's office.

The family of one patient, Marianne Bower, died at 68 after Pressdee injected her with insulin that she didn’t need, according to the New York Times.