Three men torture poor vendor for demanding bill

Three men torture poor vendor for demanding bill


The poor vendor was tortured for asking money of beverages from the culprits

 BAHWALNAGAR (Dunya News) – A poor vendor selling beverages over a stall was inhumanely tortured by three persons in Bahawalnagar district during the late hours of Friday night.

The incident occurred in Chak Chaveka village of Bahawalpur district when a poor vendor selling beverages on a stall was manhandled by three suspects for asking money from them.

The suspects shaved the victim’s hairs off from all over his face including mustaches and eye-brows. The suspects also injured his tongue to make him an example of their terror.

Victim was later transferred to hospital for medical aid. Police have initiated their investigations and have arrested one of the suspect till now, however raids are being conducted to arrest the fleeing suspects as well.