Evidence shows Sophia Mirza lied to Interpol, FIA to get twin daughters arrested

Evidence shows Sophia Mirza lied to Interpol, FIA to get twin daughters arrested


Evidence shows Sophia Mirza lied to Interpol, FIA to get twin daughters arrested

ISLAMABAD (Our Reporter) – New evidence shows that actor and model Sophia Mirza and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) lied to the Interpol and obtained Yellow arrest warrants through deception for twins Zainab and Zunierah.

In writing to the Interpol to trace, locate and arrest Zainab Umar and Zuneiran Umar, Sophia Mirza and FIA told Interpol that their whereabouts were unknown in Dubai and that they should be traced to be brought back to Pakistan but evidence shows that Sophia Mirza was actively in touch with her daughters via Instagram, texts and phone calls. Yet, the FIA on instructions of Shahzad Akbar, ex-advisor to former PM Imran Khan on accountability, made false representations to the Interpol and obtained Yellow notices issued for the twins. Businessman Umar Farooq Zahoor and model Sophia Mirza have been involved in a long running court dispute over the custody of their twin daughters who live in Dubai with their father.

Evidence shows that in the month of July 2020 Zainab and Zunaierah wrote to Sophia Mirza after learning that their Yellow warrants have been issued by the Interpol.

Zainab Umer wrote to Sophia Mirza on Instagram: “Why did you do this? My friends searched me up and found this link. You are not only hurting my dad you are hurting me and this is ruining my name. You know where we live you sent us gifts.”

Zunierah Umer wrote on the same lines: “What are you doing this for? You’re no longer hurting our dad only you are also hurting us. My friends searched me up and found this and you have ruined my name completely, you have sent me multiple messages and also sent me gifts on Eid and our birthday, you know where I live, why would you lie about it and pretend we are missing I want you to fix this before school.”

Sophia Mirza replied to the daughters: “My adorable babies he deprived you from your mother, Umar Zahoor kidnapped you both, smuggled you illegally from Pakistan with fake and fraudulent documents, I have all legal rights to get my babies back. Inshallah very soon you both will be with me. I can t let him or his family torture you.”

Zainab and Zunierah replied to Sophia Mirza: “You are after destroying our lives and don’t understand how we feel, I never want to live with you or in Pakistan and if you anything, I will hurt myself, this will all be your fault.”

Sophia Mirza responded: “If you hurt yourself your father will be responsible for your harm. I will put cases on him, he is harassing u both and I know you both are under his pressure. If anything happens to you both his whole family including Umar Zahoor and his three first wife daughters would be responsible.”

Daughters then told their mother: “Who gave you the impression that we ever want to live with you? Our dad raised us all these years and now you want to show us that you are a good mother. You got our names placed on Interpol website do you understand how much we have already suffered because of you in the past because of your media campaign against my dad and his family Our school friends are making fun of us we had to change school twice because of you. If you don’t fix the mistake you made consider you never had any daughter and I mean it I don’t want to hear from you until you do that bye.”

The evidence shows Sophia Mirza wrote: “You both are being kidnapped and being deprived illegally forcefully from your mother so Interpol will not harm you both may Allah bless you and Zainab with all happiness and keep you away from evil eyes Ameen. Btw how would your friends know about Interpol until someone tells them.”

The daughters told Sophia Mirza that their name appears on Google search and on Interpol website with the Yellow arrest warrants. Sophia Mirza told them that Interpol will not harm them. She wrote: “My dear, relax, it will not harm you.”

The evidence that Sophia Mirza was in touch with her daughters frequently but told Interpol, through FIA, that her minor daughters were missing clearly proves the misuse of authority and false representations. Neither Sophia Mirza nor the FIA told Interpol that the twins were actually in touch with their mother, knew each other’s addresses, exchanged gifts and were in contact at multiple forums.