Mohsin Naqvi rudely awakened to need for 'major surgery' in Pakistan team

Mohsin Naqvi rudely awakened to need for 'major surgery' in Pakistan team


Naqvi acknowledges team’s performance is currently at its lowest level

  • Says Pakistani nation will soon witness a major overhaul in the team
  • Preparing the team for Champions Trophy 2025 is the objective
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NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Awakening from a deep slumber after suffering two consecutive losses to the cricket teams of the US and India, PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi emerged on Sunday with insights that should have been evident prior to the commencement of the extended version of the Twenty20 World Cup. 

Unsurprisingly, Naqvi asserted that he understood “what was going on in the team” and “the reasons behind the loss to arch-rivals India”. 

However, this realisation dawned only after Pakistan endured a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Indian side. 

Naqvi’s acknowledgment that the team's performance was currently at its lowest level coincided with the disappointment of millions of Pakistanis who had placed high hopes on the Babar Azam-led Green shirts. 

“The defeat against India was disappointing in every sense,” said Naqvi, who also holds the all-important portfolio for Interior Ministry, during media interaction with journalists at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. 

Naqvi emphasised that this poor performance clearly indicated the necessity for a "major surgery". 

Stating what was obvious to almost every cricket-lover prior to the tournament, the PCB chief remarked, “I’m now certain that a major surgery is required.” 

Naqvi said the Pakistani nation would soon witness a major overhaul. 

He highlighted that their foremost challenge was to enhance the team's performance, given its current dismal state.  

Looking ahead to the upcoming events, Naqvi underscored the necessity for preparing a team for the Champions Trophy 2025. 

"The time has come to give a chance to outside talent," he asserted. 

"We must endeavour to make the Pakistani cricket team one of the best in the world. The nation does not expect such a disappointing performance from the cricket team," Naqvi said.