UAE commits investment in Pakistan: Jam Kamal

UAE commits investment in Pakistan: Jam Kamal


Country coming out of crises but opponents are unable to digest success: Tarar

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Federal Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal has said the prime minister’s visit to the Gulf countries was a remarkable success as the UAE has committed $10 billion investment in Pakistan. 

The minister, who was conducting a joint press conference with Minister for Information and Broadcasting Attaullah Tarar, said the business community played a key role in the country’s economy. 

Kamal said Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed warmly welcomed Shehbaz Sharif and expressed full confidence in the PM. 

Shehbaz Sharif also had a personal relationship with the UAE, the commerce minister said, adding that the government was taking step for economic improvement.

On the occasion, Attaullah Tarar said the UAE wanted to invest $10 billion in Pakistan. 

The PM had made it clear that Pakistan required investment in the country instead of loans and aid, he said. 

Tarar said the country was coming out of the crises but his party’s opponents were not able to digest the party’s success. 

“Before we took over the government, export were in danger zone and dollar was instable," the minister said. 

Criticising the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, he said the KP budget was being presented to deceive the people for political gains.