Domestic consumption should determine crop cultivation: Maryam Nawaz

Domestic consumption should determine crop cultivation: Maryam Nawaz


Orders safety rods on bikes for protection against kite twines

  • Chief minister promises legislation for the safety of sanitary workers
  • Punjab cabinet decides in favour of using AI to fight cheating, approves summary to award Quaid-e-Azam Medal to ASP Sheharbano
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LAHORE (Dunya News)/Web Desk) – Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday said cultivation of different crops in future should be based upon the domestic consumption and requirements, as she directed to use artificial technology and other options to determine how much production is needed.

The remarks came a she chaired a Punjab cabinet meeting which approved ministerial committee for devising a policy on wheat procurement and other subjects. Food Minister Bilal Yasin will head the panel comprising finance, agriculture and information ministers.

At the same time, the cabinet also agreed to consult the Punjab Assembly members on wheat procurement and also approved reconstitution of standing committee on wheat as well as the Food Department’s Commodity Financing Committee.

Maryam’s observations about crop cultivation are very important, as crop pattern or the area on which any crop is cultivated has been determined according to the market needs. That’s why we often see shortage of various food items – ranging from cereals to vegetables.

It also affects the farmers who are left at the mercy of market forces which exploit them in case of oversupply and do not give them the actual value when they profit by genuine or artificial shortage.

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Meanwhile, the consumers are the worst affected when there is shortage in the market. The prevailing inflation sustained by higher food prices is a proof of this trend.


Maryam directed the officials to launch a campaign for installing safety rods on bikes to protect the people from kite twines which have claimed multiple lives in recent days.


The cabinet also endorsed the suggestion to announce Easter holiday for the Christian community, as Maryam expressed her condolences over the death of sanitary workers in recent incidents.

An overwhelming majority of sanitary workers in Pakistan are Christian. In fact, the job announcements specifically mention the religion as a basic requirement.

The chief minister regretted that death of a poor was only news in the society and promised that an effective legislation would be introduced to protect the lives of sanitary workers in the province.


The meeting also decided to introduce artificial technology for curbing the practice of cheating in exams conducted at different levels, as Maryam ordered the ministers, district administrations and others to ensure checking the centres personally.


As the meeting approved the recommendation to award Quaid-Azam Police Medal to ASP Sheharbano and send the matter to the Centre, Maryam stressed the need for encouraging the civil servants for their performance.

Sheharbano is the police officer who got fame after she saved a girl from possible lynching in the Ichhra area of Lahore after she was accused of blasphemy for wearing printed suit which she had bought from Dubai.

Meanwhile, the meeting gave its approval to extend the contract of staffers working in Dealer Vehicle Registration System of the Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control Department, with the chief minister directed the authorities concerned to formulate a comprehensive subject on the issue.