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SBP issues Rs50 coin to celebrate Senate's golden jubilee

SBP issues Rs50 coin to celebrate Senate's golden jubilee


SBP issues Rs50 commemorative coin to celebrate Senate's golden jubilee

KARACHI (Web Desk) - In celebration of the golden jubilee of the Senate of Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued a commemorative coin worth Rs50.

The upper house of parliament has been in existence for 50 years, and to mark the significant occasion, the federal government authorised the central bank to issue the coin, which was now available through the exchange counters of all the field offices of SBP Banking Services Corporation.

The coin was round shaped with a dimension of 30mm and weighs 13.5 grams. It was made of cupro-nickel metal contents with 75% copper and 25% nickel.

On the face of the coin, the waxing crescent moon and five-pointed star facing North West were positioned in the centre.
The words "Islami Jamhuria Pakistan" were inscribed in Urdu script along the periphery, on top of the crescent star. Below the crescent and on the top of two springs of wheat with arms curved upward was the year of issuance-2023.

The face value of the coin in numeral '50' in bold letters and 'Rupia' in Urdu script were written on the right and left sides of the crescent star, respectively. On the reverse side and in the centre of the coin, the insignia of the Senate of Pakistan was shown with the artistic numeral wording of 50 on the right-hand side.

Along with the periphery, the top of the insignia was inscribed with the wording 'Pakistan Senate Golden Jubilee' in Urdu script. The duration of the golden jubilee (1973-2023) was written below the insignia.

The SBP statement said that the commemorative coin was issued in recognition of the Senate's contributions to Pakistan's political stability and progress over the past 50 years. The coin was expected to be a collector's item and a cherished memento for those who value Pakistan's political history and traditions.