Pakistan's GDP growth remained 6pc

Pakistan’s GDP growth remained 6pc

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The country’s economic growth rate has reached 6% against the target of 4.8%.

According to the outlines of the National Economic survey received by Dunya News, the economic growth was higher than the target while the inflation exceeded the target of 8%.

The growth rate of inflation is more than 13% and the growth rate in agriculture was 4.4% while in industry it was 7.2% and in the services sector it was 6.2%.

The survey further stated that, the growth rate in major industries was 10.5%, power generation and distribution rate was 7.9%.

On the other hand, the growth rate in communications and transport was 5.4%, per capita income was Rs. 246,414 in 11 months.

The country’s exports stood at a record $29 billion, with the education sector growing at 8.7%.