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PakWheels Automobile Industry Survey 2017: Honda Civic and Yamaha YBR 125G bag the biggest awards of the year

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PakWheels.com conducted the automobile industry survey in collaboration with LUMS.

(Web Desk) - PakWheels.com has been at the forefront of conducting automobile industry surveys for many years now; gathering the consumers’ insights and helping the auto sector predict the trends and know how the local consumers are behaving and thinking about different brands. In 2017 PakWheels.com again conducted the automobile industry survey in collaboration with Lahore University of Management Sciences. A total of 19,155 of responses were recorded from all over the country making it one of the most significant surveys of its nature.

The survey at large has been divided into two main parts. In the first part, the car users were asked various questions regarding their buying preferences, opinion about the cars they own, the brands they prefer and the factors that were important to them while buying a car etc. In the second part, same questions were asked to bike users.

According to the survey, 35 percent local market is dominated by Toyota, 28 percent Suzuki, 27 percent Honda, while 11 percent from other automotive brands. If we compare the data with the previously conducted survey the difference is quite surprising. In the previous survey Suzuki was leading with 33 percent market share, second was Toyota with 31 percent share, 25 percent market were acquired by Honda while 11 percent were dominated by other brands. As far as the bike market is concerned, it is heavily dominated by Honda. 56 percent market is dominated by Honda, while Yamaha has 7 percent market share and Suzuki has 6 percent whereas Road Prince has an overall market share of 3 percent and 28 percent bike market is dominated by other bike brands.

As per the survey, 74 percent respondents said that they hold a driving license and 19 percent said they don’t, while 5 percent said their license had been expired and 2 percent asserted they lost it. A whopping 60 percent of the respondents aged less than 21 years do not hold a driver’s license. Moving onwards, 58 percent of the respondents said that they bought a used car, while 38 percent asserted that they bought a brand-new car. Moreover, 63 percent bike users/owners said they had bought a new bike, whereas 33 percent responded they had bought a used bike.

Out of the total number of respondents, 75 percent of the respondents said that they had spent under PKR 2 million on buying the car. And now If compared the results of 2017 auto survey with its previously conducted auto industry survey, then the result is encouraging. In the previous survey people opting to buy cars under PKR 2 million were 81 percent. And as far as bike users/owners are concerned 82 percent of the users/owners said that they had spent under PKR 100,000 on the purchase of the bike. It shows that 70cc bike segment is dominating the market and is booming as well.

Both the car and bike users listed performance and safety features of the car as a top priority while purchasing the vehicle. It is indeed encouraging as if we compare it with the previous survey then car owners rated safety features at bottom while purchasing a vehicle. Furthermore, according to this survey, 20 percent said that they bought the car through car financing, whereas 28 percent out of total respondents said that they have car insurance. In the previous auto survey 25 percent out of the total respondents said that they had car insurance. It simply means that more and more people are opting for car insurance.

After compiling the responses, various automobile companies have been crowned winners in their respective categories which include motor oils, insurance companies, car tracking companies, tyre companies, battery companies and radio channels etc.

Here is a brief list of cars, bikes and other automotive brands that emerged as winners according to PakWheels.com 2017 automobile survey.

Car of the Year:

Bike of the Year:

Other brands and companies which have been crowned are mentioned below:

Most Popular Car & BikeFuel Company:

PSO (for both car and bike users)

Most Popular Local Car Tyre manufacturing company:

General Tyres

Most Popular Ride Hailing Service:


Most Popular Bank (Conventional):

Bank Alfalah

Most popular Car Tracker:

TPL Trakker

Most Popular Motorbike Oil:


PakWheels.com congratulates all the winners and hopes to bring more insights of the auto industry with its automobile industry surveys in the future as well.

To view the complete report and full list of award winners, click on the following link:

PakWheels.com Automobile Industry Survey 2017 Report and Awards