Price of commodities goes up with advent of Ramazan

Dunya News

Wholesale price of lemon is Rs200/kg.

LAHORE (Dunya News)- Prices of different consumer products keep on soaring with the advent of holy month of Ramazan, reported Dunya News.

According to details, shopkeepers have rejected official rate lists whereas consumer products are being sold at relatively higher prices in wholesale and retail markets.

An investigation carried out by Roznama Dunya into the matter revealed that price of products were different in all Ramazan markets of the Lahore. Official rate of tomato is Rs28/kg but it is being sold at Rs35/kg in wholesale and at Rs40/kg in retail markets across the provincial capital. 

Likewise, onion is being sold at Rs30/kg in wholesale and Rs40/kg in retail markets. The official rate of this commodity is Rs18/kg.

Among other notale commodities, garlic is being sold at Rs130/kg and Rs180/kg in wholesale and retail markets respectively, the official rate stands at Rs110/kg. Wholesale price of lemon is Rs200/kg and retail price is Rs270/kg whereas official rate stands at Rs146/kg.

The price of fruits is also following footprints of other products as apple is being sold at Rs200/kg and Rs300/kg in wholesale and retail markets respectively whereas official price stands at just Rs160/kg. Likewise, price of banana is hovering at Rs120/kg and 150/kg in wholesale and retail markets respectively, official price is Rs90/kg.

The most beloved fruit commodity in Ramazan, palm, is also negating the official price of Rs135/kg as it is being sold at Rs230/kg and Rs300/kg in wholesale and retail markets respectively.

Overcharging is also rampant on beverages and pulses as wholesalers and retailers are selling these products at relatively higher prices whereas locals, stunned by sudden inflation, have urged government to take immediate steps to control prices.