Economic growth target for next year expected to be set at 5.7pc

Dunya News

Target for agricultural development expected to be set at 3.5%

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Sources indicate that the economic growth for the upcoming year is expected to be set at 5.7% whereas the target for the agricultural development for 2016-17 is believed to be set at 3.5%, reported Dunya News on Saturday.

The government may provide easy loans at lesser interest rates to farmers in order to make improvements in the agricultural sector along with making announcements related to other concessions, according to sources.

Inflation rate is being restricted at 6 percent whereas investment rate shall be made 17.7% of the gross production of the country. Progress rate in the services sector will be set at 5.7%.

Sources also state that the difference between recoveries and foreign payments shall not be made to exceed over $4.50 billion whereas deficit in foreign payments is expected to be restricted at 1.5%.