More gas tariffs hikes planned as Pakistan eyes another IMF programme

Proposal to affect domestic consumers as well as fertilizer, cement and CNG sectors

IMF and Pakistan start policy-level talks

Size of next loan programme one of the key subjects

Don't raise tax rates, expand tax net. It will also help arrest inflation: Citibank

Says State Bank of Pakistan will start interest rate cuts next month

Talks start to secure IMF programme, agreement reached on budget targets

No borrowing from central bank, timely external debt repayment to be ensured

IPP payments reach Rs1,800bn amid mounting Pakistan circular debt

Power and gas sectors’ share is Rs2,310bn and Rs2,900bn respectively

JP Morgan predicts lower gas and LNG prices, which will help switch from coal

Sees 2pc annual growth in production by 2030 to 4,600bn bcm from 4,000 bcm in 2022

No 'Plan B' when you are in an IMF programme: Finance Minister

Says talks for another loan package prerequisite for economic stability

Pakistan's delicate Eid bangles go from furnace to forearms

Hyderabad is home to the delicate "churi" glass bangle

Pakistan must go for privatisation, ending untargeted subsidies: World Bank

Calls broadening tax base, reducing federal expenditure in areas devolved to provinces

Pakistan annual inflation declines to 20.7pc in March

It is the lowest reading since May 2022 when the CPI had clocked 13.8pc

Gas price hikes angers Shehbaz, as he orders a forensic audit

Seeks plans to establish industrial zones for boosting power consumption, tackling circular debt

Ogra holds public hearing on massive gas price hikes

Final decision after completing the process; Businessmen oppose the plan

Lower LNG prices trigger surge in Asian spot market purchases

China, India could see annual imports rise by 10%

All set for gas tariff hikes across the country

The increase will be applicable with effect from July 1

Pakistan interest rates expected to maintained at a 22pc high on Monday

Stock market has recently suffered losses amid fading hopes of reduction in borrowing costs

IMF praises Pakistan, but wants stricter policies including no cheap gas for fertiliser plants

Visiting team starts final review of current programme, is briefed on govt plans

Aurangzeb advocates new IMF deal as energy tariff hikes keep fuelling inflation

Release of $1.1bn under current arrangement is his first priority

Interest rates continue creating fissures between governments and central banks

Brazil President Lula says central bank chief’s ‘stubbornness’ sole reason behind high rates

A familiar story: Currency devaluation, subsidy cuts worsen Nigeria cost of living crisis

A basket of tomatoes now costs 55,000 naira – about double the national minimum wage

Govt increases gas tariff across country

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association has opposed the increase

Pakistan Stock Exchange celebrates progress in govt formation with over 1.50pc surge

Market has been witnessing downward movement after Feb 8 polls generated a split mandate

Fractured mandate puts stocks at slippery slope, KSE-100 down over 3.50pc

The market was hoping for a strong government which could produce sustained economic policies