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Nearly 40,000 displaced in flood-hit Libya: UN agency

Nearly 40,000 displaced in flood-hit Libya: UN agency


Nearly 40,000 displaced in flood-hit Libya: UN agency

UNITED NATIONS (APP) - Over 38,640 people have been displaced as a result of heavy rain and floods that hit the northeastern regions of Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a Geneva-based UN agency, reported Saturday.

In a report, IOM said that the cities of Derna (at least 30,000), Bayda (3,000) and Benghazi (2,195) have the largest number of displaced people. Some of them are temporarily living in old school buildings, others are staying with relatives or families who have agreed to take them in. It emphasises that the numbers quoted appear to be understated due to “the limited data available”.

There is an acute shortage of drinking water and fuel in all the affected towns, as well as disruptions in communications and power supply, the report says. The situation in Derna is the most difficult. There is only one health facility in the eastern part of the city, but even there, shortages of staff, equipment and medicines (especially antibiotics and medications for chronic diseases) exist.

Cyclone Daniel struck northeastern Libya on September 10, bringing gale force winds, heavy rain, and thunderstorms to cities along the Mediterranean coast, with the city of Derna most seriously affected.

Two dams have been destroyed there, the bursting of the dams near Derna causing the most casualties in the region.

According to the Libyan Red Crescent, the death toll exceeds 11,000.