2.5-foot Nepali man declared shortest teenager on the planet

2.5-foot Nepali man declared shortest teenager on the planet


2.5-foot Nepali man declared shortest teenager on the planet

(Web Desk) - The world s shortest teenager has been crowned in Kathmandu, Nepal as he arrived to collect his award from Guinness World Records.

Dor Bahadur Khapangi, who measures just 2ft 5in (73.43cm), was carried by a relative to the location in the Nepalese capital.

Dhananjay Regmi, CEO of the Tourism Board, handed Khapangi the framed certificate - which came up to his chest - at a ceremony organised by Guinness World Records yesterday.

The official certificate names Khapangi as the  shortest teenager living (male)  on 23 March.
Born in Nepal in 2004, the young man posed with his certificate in front of a bevvy of photographers and media present at the ceremony.

The Guinness World Records holder for shortest female in the world is Jyoti Amge from India.

In 2009 she was confirmed as the shortest living female teenager at just 2ft (61.95cm).

Now 28, she has retained her record all this time and even appeared on American television as regular character Ma Petite in American Horror Story: Freak Show, in which she premiered in 2014.

Khapangi s compatriot Khagendra Thapa Magar, at 2ft 2in (67cm) was the world s shortest man until his passing in 2020 at the age of 32.

The current shortest mobile man in the world is Edward Niño Hernández, from Colombia, measuring 2ft 3.6 inches in height. He received his award from Guinness World Records in September 2010.

Born in 1986, he was the shortest man in the world but lost the title when Magar turned 18 in 2004. He regained it when Magar died two years ago.

He resides in Bogota and and has the occupation of being a dancer and actor, appearing on the Argentine TV programme Susana Giménez.