Only captains will be permitted to speak to referees at Euro 2024

Only captains will be permitted to speak to referees at Euro 2024


A yellow card will be shown on any sign of disrespect or dissent by other players

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(Reuters) - Captains will be the only ones allowed to speak to the referee and discuss a decision during matches at the upcoming European Championship in a bid to facilitate clearer communication, UEFA's managing director of refereeing Roberto Rosetti said.

If any other player is found to approach the referee showing any sign of disrespect or dissent they will be shown a yellow card, Rosetti said.

"Being a referee in the modern game is very difficult," Rosetti said in an open letter on Tuesday.

"The official in the middle takes between 200 to 250 decisions per match - that is one every 22 seconds - in difficult and sometimes controversial situations, under huge pressure, with each of them scrutinised and re-watched from multiple different angles by fans and pundits alike.

"They (referees) receive a lot of information from the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), and we are ready to speak and share more details with the players and coaches to help them understand how a decision was taken."

Rosetti said coaches and players have welcomed the new approach.

"Explaining a decision with up to 22 players mobbing you is impossible for a referee. It can lead to a breakdown in communication, with the beautiful game turning very ugly very quickly," he added.

"We ask that all teams ensure their captain is the only player who speaks to the referee. We ask the captains to ensure their team mates do not encroach upon and surround the referee, allowing direct conversations to take place in order that the decision be relayed in a timely and respectful manner.

"Importantly, we want only the captain from the team who wishes to discuss a decision to be able to approach the referee."

If the captain is a goalkeeper, Rosetti said an outfield player will be nominated to communicate with the referee.
The quadrennial tournament will be held in Germany from June 14-July 14.