The six European paragliders were in Hunza and Skardu for the campaign since May 25

RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) – Pakistan’s most scenic northern area district of Skardu achieved another honour as a European paraglider, Antoine Girard, successfully did paragliding from an 8,407-metre high peak in Skardu and set a new world record on Tuesday.

According to a statement issued by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the paraglider set the record from Skardu’s Baltoro glacier and the team also included personnel from the Army School of Physical Training (ASPT) in Kakul.

“The six European paragliders were in Hunza and Skardu for the campaign since May 25, and were led by internationally renowned paraglider Antoine Girard,” it said.

The team began their rehearsal on the mountains of Hunza in June, with a mission to reach the said height through para-gliding, it added.

According to ISPR, “the skilled paragliders of ASPT also rehearsed with other members of the campaign during this time.”

“The Army unit was led by Captain Ahsan, and was accompanied by Hawaldar Qasim and Muqeed,” it added.

The team successfully paraglided from four different peaks located at heights of 5,000 metres to 6,000-metres. “The earlier record in this regard was set at 8,157 metres from the ground level, also by Girard,” the ISPR said.

The military’s media wing termed it a matter of great pride that the record had been set on Pakistan’s soil.

“The foreign paragliders thanked the government of Pakistan and the Army for the facilities, security and other assistance for the campaign. The new world record has increased the fame of Pakistan’s northern areas.”