Bilawal sees salvation in charter of economy

Bilawal sees salvation in charter of economy


In a mixed bag speech, young PPP chairman assails govt for reluctance to include PPP in budget talks

  • PPP chief cautions govt against rubbing people the wrong way through excessive taxes

  • Takes jibe at govt for shrugging PPP off the budget drafting

  • Urges political parties to iron out differences for country's sake

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Speaking on the floor of the National Assembly on Tuesday in a seemingly dissatisfied tone, Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said people were only interested in 'Roti, Kapra, Makaan' (Bread, clothes and home), reduction in poverty and inflation.

"People expect us to set aside our personal problems." 

He recalled PM Shehbaz's emphasis on 'Charter of Economy ' after swearing in as the prime minister, adding that problems couldn't be solved without such a charter. He said if the government wanted to turn the corner, it would have to consult people sitting on both sides of the aisle. 

Expressing disillusionment over the government's reluctance to consult the PPP and opposition on budget, the former FM said results would have been better politically and economically if the House were taken on board as country's situation is not hidden from anyone. 

"We pray to steer the country out of these crises by working in tandem with the premier and his team as a common man is encumbered by inflation", added Bilawal. 

He thanked the government for enhancing the budget of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) by 27pc, adding that world including India was introducing programmes like BISP to root out poverty.

The PPP chairman also recounted 'Bajwa Doctrine' which, he said, was targeted against the PPP's success. 

"Our political philosophy revolves around implementation of taxes. We say that we will not impose taxes on poor people and receive it from the rich only but we don't mean it. The previous government banked on the FIA and NAB to meet tax targets. If the incumbent government commits the same mistake, it is doomed to fail. We must introduce new policies to increase tax and revenue," young PPP chairman stressed. 

During his speech, Bilawal took the government to task over its inability to forfeit 18 different ministries. He assured the PM of his party's support in competing against various lobbies which compel the government to give subsidies to the fertiliser companies only hence devoiding the poor farmers of any relief.

He claimed that the PPP government during 2008-2013 period took exports and employment to record high, adding that President Asif Ali Zardari turned rice from an import into an export. 

He sought help from farmers in these dire straits during his speech. He also lambasted the caretaker government for harming farmers. 

Bilawal also underscored the need for swift climate action as people continue to suffer from heatwave as they suffered in 2022 floods. He urged the government to adopt solar energy to mitigate energy crisis.

He also took potshots at the 'Babus' (a local term for bureaucrats) for being unable to recognise the sufferings of the people by saying that imposing taxes on skimmed milk for children and stationery items might be advised by them.

At the end of his long speech, he thanked the government.