Pakistanis included in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list make nation proud

Pakistanis included in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list make nation proud


Seven Pakistanis were included in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2024 list

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(Web Desk) - Renowned American magazine Forbes has released a list of individuals under the age of 30, who have made significant contributions in various sectors across Asia.

Each list issued by Forbes includes 300 individuals, all aged 30 or younger, who have achieved remarkable success in a very short span of time. 

These lists encompass categories such as sports, media marketing, entertainment, manufacturing and industries, retail e-commerce, social impact, and gaming, among others. 

In this compilation, young men and women from Egypt, Malaysia, South Korea, Lebanon, Bangladesh, and India have succeeded in securing spots, alongside seven Pakistani individuals.

Among those listed in the "30 Under 30 Asia" category are Sarkhail Bowany (Abhi), Adeel Abid, Aizaz Nayyer, Ali Raza (Linkstar), Aleena Nadeem (EduFi), Kasra Zunnaiyyer (Trukkr), and Bushra Sultan (Artist).

Aleena Nadeem

Aleena Nadim and Sarkeel Boawany are included in Forbes' Finance and Venture Capital category for their start-up ventures aimed at assisting students with educational expenses.

Aleena Nadim is the founder of EduFi with the motto of "Study Now Pay Later" an education startup in Lahore that helps students cover their educational expenses by paying university fees on a monthly basis.

Sarkhail Shahid Bawany

Sarkhail Bawany leads the art-tech company 'Abhi' in Pakistan. His company allows employees to withdraw a portion of their salary before the end of the month if they are facing any urgent situation.

Bushra Sultan

Bushra Sultan, a filmmaker and creative director based in Lahore, is the only Pakistani included in the Artist category. She is known for her work in arts and style that highlights the work of people in these fields.

The 29-year-old Bushra Sultan recently initiated a campaign under the name of "Demesne Couture," also known as "Doll," which portrays how brides are 'controlled like puppets.'

Kasra Zunnaiyyer 

Kasra Zunnaiyyer , founder of the administrative platform startup Trukkr in Karachi, is leading efforts to revolutionize Pakistan's logistics sector. Last year, the platform raised $640,000 in seed funding.

Adeel Abid, Aizaz Nayyer, Ali Raza

Hailing from Karachi, Adeel Abid, Aizaz Nayyer, and Ali Raza are co-founders of LinkStar, included in Forbes' Consumer Technology category. LinkStar is a platform that assists freelancers in creating free portfolio websites that can be upgraded with new functionalities.

In 2023, the founders of LinkStar acquired a career marketplace, Oliv, based in Dubai, to expand their business. Oliv assists companies in hiring students.