SHC orders police to recover missing persons

SHC orders police to recover missing persons


It's the state responsibility to recover missing persons

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KARACHI (Dunya News) - The Sindh High Court (SHC) has directed police to intensify efforts to recover missing persons, including a minor girl, following hearings on seven related cases. 

During the proceedings, families of the missing individuals expressed frustration over the prolonged absence of their loved ones, asserting that law-enforcement agencies had failed to provide any leads despite the passage of considerable time. 

The court was informed during investigations that one of the missing persons, identified as Raees, was mentally unstable. 

However, Justice Niamatullah firmly stated that regardless of the individual's condition, it remained the state's duty to locate and ensure the safe return of its citizens. He admonished the police, emphasising that they could not evade accountability with lame excuses. 

Justice Niamatullah further emphasised that the police must exhaust all available means to locate missing individuals, particularly highlighting the case of a minor girl who disappeared from a bungalow. 

He stressed the importance of determining the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, whether it be marriage or another factor, given her vulnerable status. 

Assuring the families, Justice Niamatullah acknowledged the efforts of law-enforcement agencies but reiterated the need for concrete actions to recover the missing persons. 

Consequently, the SHC ordered the Sindh police to register cases of the missing persons and launch thorough investigation. 

The court adjourned the hearing, directing the federal government and other relevant institutions to submit progress reports on the matter until Aug 12.