Anti-state elements circulating videos to malign state institutions, says ASF

Anti-state elements circulating videos to malign state institutions, says ASF


Strict disciplinary actions have been taken against culprits

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KARACHI (Dunya News) - The Airport Security Force (ASF) has refuted claims made against it in circulating social media videos. 

A spokesperson for ASF clarified that two older videos depicting alleged misconduct by ASF personnel were being shared with the intent to incite and misinform, as part of a planned conspiracy.

Two videos of ASF were circulated on social media, one depicted a security person allegedly misbehaving with a minor girl, while the other showed a security person involved in a scuffle with an enraged mob.

According to ASF, the videos in question showed incidents that had already been addressed through strict disciplinary actions.

Those involved faced penalties in accordance with the law, including suspension from service through court martial proceedings. 

The spokesperson emphasised that the ASF operated under the Pakistan Army Act, with a robust system of accountability in place. 

They reiterated ASF's commitment to a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of undisciplined behaviour, noting that stringent actions were taken against individuals found guilty of misconduct.

The spokesperson attributed the circulation of these videos to anti-state elements aiming to malign state institutions and the Pakistan Armed Forces.

They highlighted ASF's unwavering dedication to its duty of serving the nation and ensuring the highest standards of discipline and professionalism. Individual involved in any misconduct were given exemplary penalties.