No one allowed to challenge state's writ, says CM Bugti after Noshki attack

No one allowed to challenge state's writ, says CM Bugti after Noshki attack


Balochistan chief minister attends funeral for nine Punjab labourers killed in Noshki

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QUETTA (Dunya News) – Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti has stated that protecting civilians was his government’s responsibility and he will seek justice for the martyrs.

Interacting with media after the funeral prayers for nine labourers from Punjab who lost their lives in an armed attack in Noshki, Bugti said that while the provincial government aimed to establish the state's writ and pursue dialogue, innocent lives could not be sacrificed.

The chief minister asserted that no one would be allowed to challenge the state's writ and those accountable will face consequences.

Bugti however stressed the need for a thorough assessment of the security plan.

He mentioned that if necessary, patrols by the FC and Levies would be intensified, and efforts would be made to apprehend terrorists. He emphasised the government's determination to combat terrorism, underlining that terrorism transcended religious boundaries.

The chief minister highlighted that terrorism was often perpetrated in the guise of nationalism, and the fight against it would persist until every terrorist was eliminated.

Bugti questioned the target of the opposition's protests, suggesting that those dissatisfied with election results should address their concerns through appropriate channel. He expressed concern over the frequent rallies and protests in Balochistan, urging for a balance.

Bugti stated that while the government would tolerate peaceful protests, it would take action if roads were blocked.