Iddat case: Court adjourns hearing till April 15

Iddat case: Court adjourns hearing till April 15


Iddat case of Bushra Bibi, PTI founder adjourned

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Former first lady Bushra Bibi’s lawyer arguing on appeal against sentence in Iddat case, said his client fulfilled all legal requirements in trial but the accused were not given the right to a fair trial.

District and Sessions Court Islamabad Judge Shahrukh Arjmand heard the appeal against sentence of Bushra Bibi and PTI founder in Iddat case.

Bushra Bibi’s lawyer Usman Gul said Khawar Maneka in a statement had said his ex-wife was a pious woman.

During the hearing, the founder of PTI’s lawyer Salman Akram Raja submitted a USB related to the case in the court.

The court directed the staff to examine the drive.

Mufti Saeed’s statement was played in the court after which Raja read the cross-examination of Mufti Saeed in the court.

Raja said there was a divorce procedure in which the union council issues a certificate and the procedure was seldom adopted to obtain divorce certificate.

The lawyer of PTI founder argued it was unnecessary to inform the Union Council about the divorce granted on November 2017.

The lawyer of Bushra Bibi said Aun Chaudhary was a political rival who managed the case against founder of PTI.

During the hearing, Judge Shahrukh Arjamand questioned whether Bushra Bibi gave a statement regarding presenting her children as witnesses?

Gul replied that the trial court was informed that family members have to be produced as witnesses to the court but they were not named for the safety of they lives.

Prosecutor Rana Hassan Abbas said it was necessary to determine jurisdiction of the complaint. 

Akram supported the arguments of the prosecutor Rana Hassan Abbas.

During the hearing, Maneka’s lawyer Rizwan Abbasi had not appeared in the court and the assistant lawyer pleaded for adjournment of the hearing.

Later, the court adjourned the hearing on the appeal against the sentence in the Iddat case till April 15.