Laylatul Qadr observed with religious zeal

Laylatul Qadr observed with religious zeal


it is a general belief in Muslims that the night falls on 27th of Ramazan

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LAHORE (Dunya News) – Laylatul Qadr, or the Precious Night, was observed throughout the country with religious zeal and solemnity on Sunday.

Though under the Islamic traditions, the exact date of the night is uncertain, but it was one of the odd-numbered nights of the last ten days of Ramazan. But it is a general belief in Muslims that the night falls on 27th of Ramazan.

As Quran determined the night as better than one thousand months of worship, the faithful remained awake till dawn (Fajar) and offered special prayers, recited Quran and held soulful gatherings to seek salvation all over Pakistan.

After Taraweeh prayers, special gatherings were organised in mosques in which religious scholars highlighted the importance of the night.

Shabina (special prayers) gatherings were also held at the end of which prayers for the peace and security of the Muslims all over the world and Pakistan were sought. Quran recitation competitions were held and the winners were rewarded. Sweets were also distributed among the participants.

Women said prayers at home while men remained at mosques.

The local administrations made security arrangements for the security of worshippers by deploying police outside mosques.

Laylatul Qadr, also known as the Night of Destiny, the Night of Decree, the Night of Determination or the Precious Night, is the night when the Quran was first revealed on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah described in one verse in the holy Quran as better than a thousand months of worship.