Tainted tea: police grill family head as woman, five children die

Tainted tea: police grill family head as woman, five children die


Four siblings died on Friday and another passed away on Saturday

  • The couple is alleged to have frequent quarrels
  • Husband denies his involvement in poisoning family
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TOBA TEK SINGH (Dunya News) - Police have detained a man on suspicion of poisoning his wife and five children as 16-year old Aqsa (daughter) also died. 

Hours later, the mother of the five children also breathed her last. 

The incident has sent shockwaves, shedding light on alleged domestic violence within the family. 

According to reports, Asghar's wife has accused him of poisoning the milk used for tea, leading to the deaths of all five children.  

Police officials have revealed that domestic violence was a recurring issue in the household, exacerbated by financial difficulties and the absence of marriage proposals for the daughters. 

The uncle of the deceased children received their bodies, and funeral prayers of the four children were held in Gojra.  

The woman, along with her five children consumed tainted tea, on Friday. According to police sources, the couple exchanged words over a domestic issue. 

Initial reports said the angry woman fed poison to her five children and then swallowed it herself. 

Police said the woman and children were shifted to hospital after the incident where four children breathed their last while mother and another girl were getting treatment. Both of them died on Saturday. 

The deceased children were identified as 18-year-old Madeeha, 17-year old Sania, 10-year-old Iqra and 7-year-old Ali Hassan. 

Police detained the husband of the woman for allegedly poisoning his children and the wife. 

The husband said he had a brief quarrel with his wife over a domestic issue and had no idea what they had eaten in his absence.