Punjab opposition demands judicial inquiry into May 9 riots

Punjab opposition demands judicial inquiry into May 9 riots


Proceedings suspended for a short break as opposing sides quarrel over PTI founder’s image

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LAHORE (News Desk/Dunya TV) – The opposition in the Punjab Assembly demanded a judicial inquiry into the May 9 incident.


The assembly session commenced under the chairmanship of Deputy Speaker Zaheer Iqbal Channar with a delay of one hour and thirty-four minutes.

During the session, Opposition Leader Ahmed Khan Bachar was invited to speak in the Punjab Assembly. During Bhachar's speech, a poster of the founding members of PTI was displayed by the opposition, which drew objection from the PML-N member of the assembly, Tehseen Fawad.

Deputy Speaker Zaheer Iqbal Channar adjourned the session for 10 minutes after the treasury and opposition benches resorted to chanting slogans and creating a deafening noise over the display of the PTI founder’s picture.

The session is convened to get approval for the three-month budget presented earlier in the House on Monday by Finance Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman.

The pandemonium was triggered when Ahmed Khan Bachar – the opposition leader nominated by the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) – started debate on the budget while placing the PTI founding chairman’s image in front of him.

At this, Tehseen Fawad – a PML-N lawmaker elected on the reserved seats for women – raised her objections and demanded its removal.

However, the SIC members – the PTI-backed independents who are using the SIC as an umbrella – responded with chanting slogans against the PML-N leadership and thumping desks.

The move resulted in a joint response as Malik Waheed and other PML-N members seconded Tehseen, as they also started raising slogans.

Amid the ruckus, Channar tried to restore order in the House, but couldn’t calm down the opposing sides and opted for suspending the proceedings for a short break.

After the break, when the session resumed, Opposition Leader Ahmed Khan Bhachar was again invited to address the assembly.

He demanded a judicial inquiry into May 9 incident. Even the PTI founder also supports the idea of conducting a fair investigation, he added.

The opposition leader said subsidies should be provided to farmers in Punjab for operating tubewells.

“The federal government is providing 60% subsidy for Balochistan, the same should be applied in Punjab as well,” said the PTI leader.