Youth is backbone of Kashmir struggle: Mushaal

Youth is backbone of Kashmir struggle: Mushaal


Mushaal demanded the representation of the people of IIOJK in the UN General Assembly.

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ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) - Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Human Rights and Women Empowerment, Mushaal Hussein Mullick has asserted that India had consistently thwarted every chance for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue.

Advocating for a just and transparent trial for her husband and Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Mohammad Yasin Malik, Mushaal emphasized that Modi’s entire election narrative revolves around the prospect of imposing a death sentence on Yasin Malik.

These remarks were delivered during the Kashmir Conference, which focused on the violations of human rights in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and the role of the United Nations. The event was organized by the Human Rights Council of Pakistan to commemorate International Human Rights Day.

Mushaal emphasized the need for global attention to the United Nations Human Rights Commission reports of 2018 and 2019 to stop India’s human rights violations in IIOJK.

She expressed deep concern over the restricted access of international human rights observers to IIOJK. She lamented the information and communication blockade imposed by India, stating that it has prevented the true extent of human rights abuses in IIOJK from reaching the international community. She said the on-ground situation in IIOJK is far more severe than what is being reported.

She further said that the land of IIOJK was filled with unmarked graves. India was killing the Kashmiri people with impunity and families were left waiting for the dead bodies of their loved ones. She also said that India is using rape as weapon against women, men and children with impunity.

Mushaal highlighted the shortcomings of the United Nations, an institution initially created to peacefully address global conflicts such as those of Kashmir and Palestine.

She expressed disappointment, asserting that the UN has not been successful in compelling India to adhere to its own passed resolutions and human rights conventions in Jammu and Kashmir. She also demanded the representation of the people of IIOJK in the UN General Assembly, underscoring the importance of amplifying their voices on the international stage.

Mushaal underscored the pivotal role of youth in the success of any movement. She advocated for the creation of dedicated Kashmir cells within educational institutions to provide comprehensive education and awareness to the youth on the complex issues of Jammu and Kashmir.

Additionally, she proposed the establishment of a government-level legal body to advocate the just cause of Kashmir in international courts. Mushaal expressed that the ongoing journey of the Kashmir struggle requires collective ownership at every level.

Mushaal highlighted the teachings of Islam, emphasizing its core principles of upholding human rights regardless of creed and colour. She pointed out that Islam strictly prohibits the killing of non-combatant civilians and the destruction of crops, plants, and properties, even amid a battle.