SHC moved against govt plan to privatise PIA

SHC moved against govt plan to privatise PIA


Hearing scheduled on December 21

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KARACHI (Dunya News) – The caretaker government’s plan to privatise the state-owned Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been challenged in the Sindh High Court.

The court issued notices to the parties including Ministry of Law, Aviation Ministry, Finance Ministry, and Executive Director Ernest Wing for Dec 21.

The petitioner, Sumira Muhammadi, contends the caretaker government lacks the authority to make major decision and cannot initiate new projects.

Emphasising that PIA is a public-private company, Muhammadi argued the government’s power to privitise is not within its constitutional purview.

Furthermore, the petitioner cites a violation of Article 18C of the Constitution, stating the government does not have the authority to monopolise the private sector.

Muhammadi asserted PIA privitisation required constitutional changes and pointed out that no elected government had previously entered into such agreements.